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Cheer Up

Allow me buddy to share some of your pain,
Your tears will surely not go in vain,
God will soon bless you with a jovial rain,
Sorrows & sufferings will all go down the drain,
Those idiots will be beaten in hell by a rigid cane,
And will be looked down with disdain... Now cheer up girl...

Authored by - Ankit Bhatia
Author Note - Written in dedication to an acid attack fighter.

Socially Aloof People

Dil rota hai yeh dekhkar ki duniya mein ab insaan nahin bache,
Yeh acting nahin ye bharat ki tasveer hai,

What was the last time you helped someone in need,
What was the last time you did a humane deed,
Why you are so inhuman and full of greed?
You don't even stop to help a person who bleeds!
Inspite of how much he begs and pleads!!
Helping does not require any particular religion, caste or creed,
Help others and get on the road to succeed...


Happy Birthday Poem For Laxmi - of Stop Acid Attacks

Hi Laxmi, Happy Birthday to you!
A year ahead of you... Simply brand new!!

I hope your problems decrease and get few,
Your charisma will get bigger, like it always grew...

The way you tackle things, my God my mind blew!
Where you get this energy from? I got no clue!

Bad people... better hide or get screw..
Or she'll kick you one with her shoe,
and you'll be at her mercy... all black and blue!

Now I'll leave coz other people are in the queue (for wishing you birthday!)
But remember to send me the birthday cake, it's due... (for writing you this poem ;) )

Authored and shared by - Ankit Bhatia
1 June, 2014

Real Beauty Is Skin Deep - A Salute To Fighters of Acid Attacks

You are So beautiful,
It's a Beauty only pure mind can see...
Being Young at heart and being so Youthful,
I wish I had the Same energy in me...

You are as strong as a Crucible,
No harshness in this world can Melt thee...
You have fought Bravely... you are an Angel!,
Believe in thyself and set your Ambitions free...

The Future of those devils is dull,
They will pay a heavy fee...
Humanity will never ever forgive them,
Even if they beg for it on their knee...
They deserve the Worst possible punishment,
A kind of punishment, that will make them plea...

You have a life, you are Perfectly able,
Go, Win the world, and be what you want to be...
Yes, You are Beautiful,
It's a beauty only pure mind can see...

A Salute to the fighters of acid attacks...

Your Share=Your support

Authored and shared by - Ankit Bhatia
27 May, 2014


Increasing Traffic And Anger Of Boss

It's another working day and I am running to office...Late!
Wonder what will be my today's fate!!
Will it be taken lightly by my boss,
Or will my professional relations be taken for a toss?

I have given my best shot in office till date,
But dunno why my boss treats me as his anger bait!
I have to keep my fingers crossed,
Let's see if I have to incur any loss...

Let me be prepared for any heated debate,
But I hate the way he discriminate,
The traffic is increasing each day in leaps and bounds,
The solution to easy commutation is impossible to be found! (in a metro city)

Authored and shared by - Anonymous
-25 May, 2014

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