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Yeh satya hai:-
Mera desh mahan.
Aantankwadiyon par hai hamare faujiyo ki lagaam,
Desh ke kone kone par nazar rakhe hain veer jawan.
Hamne dosti ka haath kai bar tamam desho ke samne badaya,
Lekin har baar unhone hamara ye nyota thukraya.
Bhartiya vagyaniko ne teen-chaar parmanu bum phodkar desh ke dushmano ko stabdh karaya,
Hum bhartiyon ka maan badaya aur duniyan mein bharat ka tiranga jhanda fahraya.
Are aantankwadi hum bhartiya to hamesha se the aage,
Isi shakti ko to dekh tum sab yahan se bhaage.
Sudhar jaao ab bhee hai tumhare paas bahut waqt,
Nahi to lena padega hamein koi kadam bada sakht.
Isi ke saath khatm kar raha hoon apni ye kavita,
Jab tak desh mein deshbhakt raheinge,behti rahegi deshbhakti ki ye sarita.
Jai hind,Jai jawan,
Mera Bharat Desh Mahan.

Authored and shared by - Ankit Bhatia

About the work: This poem was written in 2003. The poem was written in least time as compared to my other one's: about 15 min. It was republic day or independence day and we had a gathering in our colony's park for the occasion in the morning. My Father told me why not to present this poem before the people in the gathering for the competitions that were held.

  We permit this poem to be used by anyone at poetic contests, functions, meets, etc., however any electronic use of this poem including but not limited to internet posts, newspaper, magazines must carry a link back to this original post.


sonia said...

the poem is very very moralful n is beautifully written i wanted to appreiciate u writing as it is very brief in her contents n nicely expresses its meaning

Indian said...

Very Good,

Indian said...

Very Good Poetry,

Jai Hind

Kavi-Rajbundeli said...

tyaag balidaan se kabhi,
kabhi jeevan maran se nikalti hai.
kavita kalam se nahi,
kavi ke antah-karan se nikalti hai.

pryaas sarahniy hai,meri koti-koti
subh kamnaye.

xtremextasy said...

i read ur poems.
honestly i felt they are still at that beginner phase.
try to find newer concepts, frame the sentences in a better way and upgrade ur vocab.

i write poems too.
u can check em at
Please spread the word if u like my poems:-)
all the best for ur future endeavors.

swati malhotra said...

a fantastic poem,thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

good poem

ankit bhatia said...


I want to kindly thank you for going through the poem and finding it upto your liking :)

ankit bhatia said...


Thanks buddy, why don't you also try writing some :)

Jai Hind!

ankit bhatia said...


Itni tareef aapne ki uske hum aabhari hain,
Koshish apki shubhkamnaun ki badaulat abhi bhi jaari hain,
Ho sake to firse aayiyega humara hosala badhane,
Aapki hosala badhane ki ada badi hi nirali hain! :)

ankit bhatia said...


All suggestions taken into consideration for future,

Thanks for writing in :)

ankit bhatia said...

@swati malhotra

My pleasure, do come in back again :)

ankit bhatia said...


Thanks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

my wish is fullfilled by ur poem it is very good :)

Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hi


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